Kate Miller and Helen Sauntson: How Leaders Can Navigate The Gender Bias Crisis

April 21st, 2022

In Episode 13 of White Swan: The Crisis Podcast, we talk about what leaders can do to avoid a crisis engulfing their business around the language of gender – and why getting this language right can make your business more resilient, and more profitable.

In this episode, Gavin Megaw talks with Kate Miller, Chief Diversity and Communications Officer at the England & Wales Cricket Board, and Helen Sauntson, Professor of English Language and Linguistics in the York St John University School of Languages and Linguistics.

The fascinating conversation talks about why getting the language of gender right, and avoiding biased wording, is important in creating successful – and profitable – organisations. The conversation takes in the importance of championing the changing of the status quo, why everyone needs to play a role in “checks and challenges”, and how moving with the times is essential for the progression of your business.