Bruce Daisley: Building Resilient Leaders

February 14th, 2022

In Episode 12 of White Swan: The Crisis Podcast we talk with Bruce Daisley - podcaster, best-selling author, former VP at Twitter and expert on workplace culture.

Bruce and Gavin Megaw focus on the topic of resilience: what it is (and, indeed, what it isn’t), and how you cannot be resilient on your own. The two talk about why it’s essential for the top-table of any business to have collective strength around the top table – especially in times of crisis, and how a top team can draw strength from each other.

Bruce also talks to us about the loneliness of the leader and how everyone needs to have a group of people, often outside your organisation or business, with whom you can have open and honest conversations. Having to explain things in layman’s terms to someone you trust is a very good thing and often enables you to think differently about the situation faced.

It's a fascinating conversation that will be of value to every business leader.

Bruce’s Eat, Sleep, Work Repeat podcast can be found here: Home - Eat Sleep Work Repeat - workplace culture, and you can find his most recent book here: The Joy of Work (UK) - Eat Sleep Work Repeat